Paul et Virginie

Paul et Virginie - Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, Bernardin De Saint-Pierre Henri

Have recourse to your books, then, The wise men who have written before our days are travelers who have preceded us in the paths of misfortune, and who stretch out a friendly hand towards us, and invite us to join their society, when we are abandoned by everything else. A good book is a good friend..

What a beautiful classic romance novel! I've read before so many love novels and I loved them.. but this one is so different, so special, it's the Best Love Story ever Written.

They are not Adam and Eve, they are angels, they have real, true, deep, love, in their hearts, growing up together in a natural environment is touching sentimental, The experience of the novel includes the philosophy and would not be as enjoyable without it, The whole may inspire us to virtue, appreciation of nature, love, philosophy, sorrow, and perceptiveness to beauty.

Despite of The Terrible end, This Love story will be forever My favorite one.