Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

I want to shout NO, NO, NO, NO over and over again!! are you seriously going to leave me with, "tomorrow is another day"? Well, I'm not a person who needs a happy ending but I really, really wanted a happy End for this story! Even though I knew while I'm reading the novel that the ending was not going to be a happy one. I have seen the movie so I knew what was going to happen, but a part of me kept saying, "Please let the book end differently from the movie... please, please, please!!!" But it was the same very very sad end. :(

Where do I even begin to describe how much I loved this novel! I'm just in love! "Gone with the wind" is not just a romantic story involving Scarlett, Ashley and Rhett but also a well-researched account of the civil war. as this novel is very descriptive, which I typically don't like, but it worked really well for this story! The words and writing, thoughts, Ohhh... there are a lot of really great touchy words used in this novel! I cried so much reading it..

Rhet.. Rhet.. Rhet!! I fell in love with Rhett. And who cannot fall in love with Rhett? I just loved every part His personality, His actions are just Amazing, I loved his thoughts, his cheats, he is truly an amazing character. Amazing in his show of love for Bonnie. If Scarlett really understood him, she would never have let him go.. Stupid Scarlett!!

Scarlett, I had a total love-hate relationship with her. she was so selfish at times such a complex character. I was so irritated with her and her childish behavior. Lots of times I would have liked to slap her for her stupidity, selfishness, non-sensitivity and superciliousness!!

Oh I adore her dresses! Her style!! Her Life in Tara, That land. everything was so beautiful and simple in Tara before the War begins... How the war could changes everything, ruins everything, make everything nothing but a memories, a memories...

Melanie was the best person in "Gone with the wind" and my favorite character. Her grace and loyalty amidst struggle are qualities to be admired! as I don't like Ashley and his cowardice with a passion.

The characters in general are so realistic and genuine. and The growth of all the main characters is believable.

"Dearest one, do you remember
When we last did meet?
When you told me how you loved me,
Kneeling at my feet?
Oh, how proud you stood before me
In your suit of gray,
When you vowed from me and country
Ne'er to go astray,
Weeping sad and lonely,
Sighs and Tears how vain!
When this cruel war is over
Pray that we meet again!"

Oh, That song! <3

I'd like to think that Scarlett O’Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler got her man back after she returns to Tara. The land always gives her strength and regenerates her spirits. she loved Rhett and really belonged with him. Well after all, tomorrow is another day.

One thing that was very hard for me to take was the extreme racism in the book. Of course, reading a book set in the South during slavery times and you know at least some of the characters will be racist. What surprised me though was how it is very apparent that Mitchell was very racist as well, and wasn't afraid to make her feelings about blacks and the South in general known.

*I would recommend this book to anyone who wanted a book that could make them laugh, cry and learn something new about people. This plot is lively and interesting with a complex story line and constantly growing characters.